2019 peruca preta marrom

2019 peruca preta marrom

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About Products

  • hair color: brown
  • Product Type: Positive Hair Wigs
  • Weight: 160g - 200g (depending on the length of the hair)
  • hair color: same as image
  • hat structure: no glue front cover on silk
  • Substrate: France
  • Indications: Grade 8A, natural, healthy hair
  • How to make: Half-machine and half-handed
  • Product Intranet: Front Elastic Network

Special Features

  • Silk Top Glueless Front Cover - Creates the appearance of natural hair growth, allowing you to separate hair in any direction .
  • Smart Front End - A barely visible front that gives you a natural hairline and order Amazing facial styling diversity.
  • Can be resized and applied to various head types.
  • Hairs: Brings a natural look around the perimeter.
  • Knot: Manually tied to the front single knot, doubled in the rest of the cap to ensure durability .
  • can be dyed
  • Soft, long lasting, no shedding, no tangles, no lice, no odor.
  • Fashionable and stylish short hair wigs look natural, real, very beautiful and feminine, soft touch . You can wear it for parties, Halloween, role playing, everyday use.


  • Regularly cleanse and deeply care for hair.
    Gently comb the hair before washing. Do not rub or distort the hair
    Add a mild shampoo to cool the water, then wash your hair until it is clean.
  • Let your hair dry naturally. Do not expose to the sun or dry. Apply argan oil to soft hair after washing.
    Gently comb the curls from top to bottom with your fingers. Do not brush.
  • Brush straight hair down directly down. Work hard until the root cause

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